Anantham Epic Homes LLP

Advisory Services

AEHL team has vast experience in dealing with the intricacies of development, and has pioneered new concepts like societies redevelopment in Mumbai. It is said that Real Estate is all about Location (Public Infrastructure in the project zone), Location (Land Developability Analysis & Appraisal), and Location (Land Acquisition). AEHL team has best in class expertise from land acquisition till project execution. Our advisory services include:


AEHL undertakes acquisition & structuring of large scale Real Estate projects for Developers in Mumbai, Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Pune, Delhi NCR, Jaipur. Currently it is evaluating for acquisition the following opportunities for large pan India Developers:

  • Large Re-development Residential Project in Andheri (East) of around 3,50,000 sft
  • Township Development in Kandivali (West) of around 2 million sft.
  • Residential Development at Ghatkoper (West) of around 200,000 sft
  • Residential Development at Goregaon (East) of around 2,75,000 sft
  • Township Development at Karjat of 47 acre.
  • Residential Development at Pune of 8,50,000 sft
  • Residential Development at Jaipur 8,17,000 sft
  • Residential Development at Delhi (NCR) of 2,05,000 sft
  • IT/Commercial Development at Delhi (NCR) of 1,90,000 sft
  • Star Hotel Project at Delhi (NCR), of 3,15,000 sft.

Selection of land is the most important parameter and the key to success of a project. Therefore, location analysis is a must from the development point of view. AEHL provides an in-depth analysis and study of location, its suitability for the type of development and especially strategizes on conversion of a mediocre location into a prime future location.

Land developability covers multiple factors which are critical for project viability, especially during sluggish market conditions. It encompasses Land Records and Title Appraisal, Development Control Regulations, several other related Regulations, Market Scenario, Project Planning based on Market Segmentation as per current and the future scenario, Cost Effectiveness, Value Engineering, Quality Control, Construction management, Method Statement, Purchase and Contract Management, Wastage Control, Time Execution of the Project etc.

This is one of the main reasons due to which projects get stuck or delayed. Project Cost and Viability Analysis covers the analysis of each and every related aspects the project well in advance before its finalization, keeping in mind its location and the present and the future market/price scenario i.e. the project should sustain and complete on time even if market slows down.

As a Development Manager, AEHL develops the entire project as a service provider to the Landowner with requisite seed funding. All costs are to the landowners account. The scope of services typically include project planning, approvals, engineering, and construction, sales and marketing.